Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Rethinking Your Audience

Looking at a church brochure the other day screamed of problems. The artwork looked like the traditional Greek architecture of the building, while at the same time they were advertising to an early twenties demographic. What a disaster! They were trying to connect what one generation thought was important with a generation that could care less about it. The result was a waste of effort and resources.

To connect an ad to a demographic you must get into the mind of your target audience. You must know their interest and design accordingly. If you are a successful fisherman then the process is similar. Identify the fish, bait with its favorite food, place it in front of their face, and reel in the catch.

Keep in mind it is not always what we like that attracts others. You must know your target audience and what is attractive to them. So the next time you have something to offer someone, package it in a way that is familiar and attractive to them. You might just catch that fish.


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