Saturday, August 10, 2013

Buying a Domain Name

We have discussed various subjects concerning Advertising, Internet, and Social Media. A lot of people want an Internet presence of some sort, however have no knowledge of how to make it happen. People become frustrated when they call website development companies only to find out they do not have the money to pay for a complete product. Therefore over the next series of posts we will cover the process of creating a website starting with buying your first domain name all the way to designing and hosting your website.

The first thing you have to do is buy your perfect domain name. This is not as easy as it used to be. The process is not difficult, but finding the right domain name is. When the Internet was in its infancy, the right domain name was easy to find. Today, the right domain name is more difficult to acquire because someone else has already acquired your perfect idea. For example, I own the domain name I wanted the domain name, however someone else had already acquired it.

Buying a domain name is very easy if you can find an available name that suits you or your organization. Keep in mind that the domain name you choose needs to include something about your business. Most organizations try to use their business name. IBM (, Dell (, HP ( are great examples of that concept. These technology innovators secured their names early in the Internet age and therefore was able to secure exactly what they wanted. Today finding a business name is more difficult.

Lets say I owned a company called Great Cars. Logically an ideal domain name would be If we go to a domain registrar and search for that particular domain name we will discover that it has already been registered and therefore we cannot use it. Therefore, a person's first step to acquiring the perfect domain name is spend some time writing down domain names that would compliment you or your business. Once you have acquired a list then may your way to a domain name registrar and start your search. There are plenty of domain name registrars but if you need a hint on where to start I use

If you go to you will notice a domain name search tool pasted in the center of the homepage. All you have to do is put in your number one choice (without the extension) and click on search. You will immediately find our if your domain name is available. If so, you will have the option to buy it and add on all of the possible tools you need to complete your project. If your favorite domain name is not available then you will be presented with plenty of options that are both similar to your search AND available. This is a great tool because you may find a name that fits perfectly and you never thought of it.

A quick note on domain name extensions is warranted in this post. The most common domain name extension is .com. This was the original commercial domain name. It is the most desired however other extensions can fit your organization as well. .org was originally designed for organizations and .net was originally dedicated to Internet businesses or functions. Most of the original rules do not apply for extension usage but a few are still in place such as .gov (government) and .mil (military).  So spend some time and get the right domain name and in our next post we will talk about how to host it.

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