Monday, August 12, 2013

Hosting your Domain

The last post discussed buying the perfect domain name. Once the name has been secured then you need to think about designing a website and hosting it. Today we will discuss the hosting part of the process.

Every website must have a place to reside on the Internet. This place is called the host. A host is a server somewhere on the Internet that has the capacity of hosting one or many websites. Servers can come in many different flavors with plenty of options. For example some hosting servers are Microsoft Windows based while others are Linux based. Some servers only offer the directory structure to host the site while others offer software modules to give the web developers more options on their site. Some hosts provide pre-built templates while others do not. Therefore you must research the type of site host you need for your site.

One of the most frequent questions I get on the subject of hosting is should I use the Microsoft Windows hosting option. My reply is always the same. Never use Windows as a host unless your development requires it. For example, if you develop in ASP then you have no other option. If your site requires a Microsoft SQL platform then you will have to use a Microsoft based host. Other than using a technology that requires Microsoft hosting, my recommendation is to avoid it. It is more resource intensive and can be less secure. Linux will offer a more streamlined and better experience.

To find a host simply go to the pace you purchased your domain name (such as and look for the hosting options. You usually encounter three different levels of hosting. Most people on small sites can usually get by with the economy version of the hosting. There are not too many extras that you need to purchase unless you require something like a dedicated IP address or a secure certificate.

Spend some time looking through the various options of hosting and then use the new acquired information to make a great decision on your new host. Keep in mind it is an easier process to purchase the hosting at the same place you bought the domain name.

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