Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Template Websites

"I do not know how to develop a website but I really need a web presence, what do I do?" I hear this question quite frequently. The answer to this question can be very simple but also very complex. First of all, if a business does not have a quality web development company in their area then it may be difficult to find someone to do quality work for a unique business. There are hundreds if not thousands of individuals who claim to do web development but cannot offer the tool-set to give a unique company the product it needs. Therefore, don't settle for the "average" if you need more. There are resources available online that do quality work. For example averagestreetprice.com offers a service where they build a website that is unique to your company or organization. From the homepage, click on Build a Website in the menu and then click on Web Design Services. Once you own your domain name (and possible an SSL certificate) then that service is the only other product you need to buy to have your site online because it includes hosting as well.

Most web design services offer website monitoring, monthly update packages, and tools to promote your site and business. Pricing is not too bad considering all of the attention you get with the product. However, after looking at a full service product you may decide that you want a little more control at a cheaper cost. If that is your desire, then you may want to consider what is called a template site. A template site offers you a large selection of available templates giving you the ability to choose one that matches your business or service. Once deciding on a template, then you have the ability to upload logos, images, and content for each page you want to build.

To see more information and examples of template sites, go to www.averagestreetprice.com and click on Build a Website from the menu and then click on Website Builder. Packages start below $5.00 per month and include hosting. Determine your needs and then take your time finding the right products and services that fit your business. Website templates may be the solution for you.  

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