Saturday, September 28, 2013

Let's Start Blogging

Recently spent some time with some students at Carson Newman University discussing blogging and setting up blogs to be search engine friendly.  To create a blog on Blogger or WordPress is a fairly easy task. Below are some of the items we focused on.

A few notes about blogs:
  • Try to use images with your posts
  • Be frequent about posting – no less than once a week
  • Encourage others to link to your blog
  • Encourage others to reply to your posts (always try to create activity)
  • Hi-light important parts of the post
  • Keep length of posts to no more than two or three paragraphs
  • Keep the fonts simple and easy to read
  • Blogs with less color structure have historically been ranked higher in search engines
  • Drive each post of your blog from outside sources such as facebook, twitter, etc.
  • Keep titles short enough that they are not truncated in url by WordPress or Blogger
This list is just a small sample of developing a blog with high SEO. Do you want to know more? reply or contact me.