Tuesday, February 26, 2013

People; The Difference Between a Good Video Shoot and Bad Video Shoot

Sometimes people ask "how can I make my videos better?" My immediate answer is "you are on the right track". No, I am not the solution, however the question poses the solution. Multiple people make video shoots better. When a person realizes that his video production is in need of some help and is willing to reach out to others then the project will increase in quality.

One person can do a lot in making a video, however a team can do a lot more. No one person is the expert in everything. You will find technical people who know cameras. These individuals can make recommendations on purchases, on camera setup, and advise when you are asking more than the camera can do.

You can find technical people who know sound. These individuals can be experts in their field and drastically improve a critical element to your video production. Likewise, there are people who know video editing and can help out in that area. There are lighting experts, field production experts, directors, producers, and the list goes on. You do not have to have an expert in every field available when you do a video production. If you do, you may as well be working in a movie production house in Hollywood.

The key, however, is having others identify problems in your work. This will begin the process of improving your final product. Having people look at your projects can reveal things that you may not see when putting it all together. So it is advisable to bring others into the mix. 

I know I mentioned earlier when you realize you need help you need to reach out. However, let me add one more piece of advice. Even if you don't think you need help, reach out. Always get others to review your projects. Everyone could use improvement!

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