Friday, April 15, 2016

Are DVD's on the Way Out?

There is always a debate on which is the best software to edit videos with. That is entirely another topic. In the meantime our organization decided to upgrade the Adobe Creative Suite to the latest version. Upon installing the latest software there was something missing - Encore. Encore is the DVD creation package which creates menus and burns the final product to a DVD. It is a very complex and powerful menu maker with functionality few other software programs have.

What happened to the software? Why did it not install in the latest version of the software? According to Adobe, it is no longer offered or supported. It seems as if people are now distributing and storing video files primarily over the Internet. I personally did not see this coming this soon but knew it would eventually happen. I guess that is why you are now seeing the digital versions of movies being offered over the traditional plastic platters.

So, in the meantime you may want consider moving your prize DVD possessions to a digital format in the cloud.

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