Monday, November 5, 2012

Advertising for Churches - Diversity and Repitition

Of course this series is in no way a comprehensive advertising
course, but I hope it is a tool to better help you prepare for any
advertising you may want to do.

The final segment in this series is called Diversity and Repetition. These two characteristics are important to a successful ad campaign.

First, your advertisement needs diversity. You stand a greater chance of success utilizing more than one medium for your campaign. For example, use the list of advertising platforms created in the earlier step to give your advertisement some diversity. If you prioritized social media and television for your top two, then split your advertisement between those. If you had an extensive list of places to present your ads then diversify in your top categories as your budget will allow. Keep in mind, however, that in any ad campaign you need plenty of saturation in the medium you choose so don't sacrifice saturation in order to
diversify. Your budget will dictate the amount of diversity you can

Second, Repitition should not be overlooked. When you start your ad campaign it should include enough frequency (Repetition) that it will appear in front of the greatest number of your demographic audience. Repitition also creates memory in your target audience and therefore is very important.

Thanks for spending some time with me on the subject of advertisement basics.

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