Friday, November 2, 2012

Realizing Twitter

Twitter has been a fascinating mode of social media. Developed in 2006 as a companion to text messaging, it has evolved to what is called micro-blogging. Limited to 140 characters this mode of media is being used to help police do their job as well as politicians gain an advantage in the political race. The largest use by far is social networking. With a user base approaching 500 million any organization would be foolish to ignore this as a means of reaching a target audience.

Twitter is being used by various organizations to promote products and services.
Imagine having a new product on the market and designing an advertising campaign that will allow others to help you spread the word. That would be almost as good as having people buy a tee-shirt with your logo printed on the front. Believe it or not, that is happening every day through the services of Twitter.

Companies create a text style of message, no more than one or two sentences, and post it on the Twitter network. Anyone following or searching for you or your products can see your latest report and can share it with others. You can send your message virtually as many times a day as you want.

Companies who have seen success utilizing this method of communication do more than just post a message about their product. They also share pictures of their products, videos of their products in action, and encourage people who use their products to do the same. It makes the consumer feel as if they are part of the "club" so to speak.

Very few modes of communication allow organizations to monitor the feedback of others. Twitter is an exception to this rule. By using a hash tag, a word preceded by the # sign, you can create a topic or group of messages concerning that subject identified by that word. For instance, if I wanted to categorize everything I mentioned against the subject of Realize Media, then I would create the hash tag #realizemedia.

Everything I said would be followed by the hash tag. People replying or knowing the Realize Media product would reply using the hash tag or add the hash tag to their tweet.

Twitter makes it easy to monitor hash tags. Therefore, anyone using that hash tag I could see what they said. Does this mean that Twitter is not a private form of social networking? Not necessarily. Your personal information can be set to private, however, any message you post publicly will be viewable by all. By following words or hash tags one can glean valuable information concerning problems or trends.
So if you are really excited about your product or service and want to tell everyone you know, sign up on Twitter and share your passion!


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